• Top digital marketing company lucknow with Onilne Pen tools Practice Tutorial

    1. Introduction


    So I get to select the centre circle and I'm also going to select this outer sort this outer shape what I'm going to do is I'm going to remove this original so we don't get confused with what was there prior to this is what we sketched and this is the circle that I just created let's go select both objects we're going to flip it to a fill and I'm going to go digital marketing company lucknow and make this a different color so you can kind of see the two separate objects I'm going to grab that shape builder tool which is down here and I'm able to add objects together so I can click and add that object and create that one big object again but I want to punch it out.


    So I want to remove the green section so I got a hold down option and I get it to see how it's switched to a negative side that means I'm in subtraction mode and so now I can subtract specific objects that are highlighted so I can subtract that digital marketing company lucknow object or even better yet hold down option and go ahead remove the green. So now we're going to shift this back in.


    2. Session 1


    You can see it's totally punched out. You can see what's behind it.

    We have our shape. So now we need to create this kind of. This is what was there before is what we need to create now go and arrange and bring that to the front layer. So we need to create the shape. Let me show you another way to cut that out. Let's go back. I showed you the shape builder tool that was quick and easy but just in case.


    Just to give you another option to put that two fill you know bring out the Pathfinder tool so I can get a window and bring out this window Pathfinder and right here in the digital marketing company lucknow drag it up here. So this will help you subtract and add particular objects together just like the shape builder did tool did but it's a little bit more precise it's going to go and select both of these layers. And I want to do I believe I want to do exclude. That's it. So play around with these different options. I'll use them throughout the class so you can figure out which ones which in which one to use. But sometimes I'll experiment and I'll click on one. Oh that's not it.


    3. Session 2


    It's just kind of check it out through time you'll learn which one each one does. There's a divide. Minus back there are a few different ones but in this case, I selected both and I went up to exclude so it's going to exclude that that centrepiece. And so now I accomplish the same goal. I personally like the shape builder tool because I think it's more friendly to use. But if you didn't have that as an option the Pathfinder tool will do just what we just did with the shape builder tool. So great. So now we're back to where we were. We need to create the shape. So an easy way instead of having to do the pen tool and do two different lines and do fill in the do the shape builder tool to punch out a hole. I have a trick for this one it does assist a simple circle. I'm going to go ahead create a circle and let me make it a solid colour. I got to switch it to stroke. I'm not going to change the thickness of the stroke until it matches the thickness here. I'm going to drag this about in the centre abs could adjust the weight some overhand the stroke panel just adjusts it make it really really really thick. And there we go.


    4. Pathfinder


    So now I have this wonderful shape created that I didn't have to do any kind of Pathfinder anything because it's a perfect circle. But see when I when you have a stroke sometimes when you make it larger digital marketing company lucknow it's hold down shift and drag me to drag or circle perfectly. Notice how the stroke gets smaller when I make it bigger. And when I make it really small the stroke gets thicker. How do we keep that stroke the same width no matter how we drag it. We're going to digital marketing company lucknow outline this path. So this is a path to include this little red line. This is a path which is a series of anchor points. We're going to go to digital marketing company lucknow object path.


    We're going to go to outline stroke. Well, what this does it outlines the path? So now it is no longer a path that has the little manipulable anchor points it's now a shape so I can do that one more time to go to object path outline stroke. So now I want to make a larger thing once you outline a path I can't change the stroke anymore. I can add a stroke to it but it's going to go around it as opposed to making it thicker. OK. So now that that match stroke is created I'm going to take the Eyedropper Tool sampler a little gradient here pop that over here to our shape to go ahead and grab the gradient tool here and I am going internet marketing company to kind of make some adjustments it's not to the stroke but to fill.


    5. Session 4


    There we go. Go and select our little doughnut on the inside clicked our gradient to be able to change kind of the thickness of it. There we go. It's making some small adjustments will go ahead delete the original and there we go.


    There's a little shape. So we created all these different shapes by practising the pen tool. So if you can create these shapes and you get comfortable creating these shapes you can create anything imaginable and illustrator if you just master the pen tool the curvature tool which is a part of the pen tool. So if you master these two right here. You shape whenever possible to save time and then manipulate that using the pen tool in the curvature tool and also using that shape builder tool and the Pathfinder tools to punch out those shapes out of objects.


    So you don't have one big object you could put shapes with its objects to being kind of master those tools you can create any shape imaginable. And so next we're going to create a couple of small icons and we're going to play digital marketing company lucknow around with what we learned today to create some real world icons that we can use for a Web site. We're going to design later on in the course.